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Brook’s shortcodes

Shortcode is a WordPress specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. You can find a lot of amazing custom shortcodes in Brook. Let’s find out what we have in Brook!

Progress Bar: is a lightweight responsive progress bar, which can work well with any HTML5 theme. It provides unlimited color options for each individual progress segment, animate the segment or text with 5 different sizes.

Accordion: You may want to edit your theme’s main stylesheet in order to add some custom styling. Accordion is the perfect solution that allows users to add a few drop-downs to your page.

Blog: After creating a blog post, blog shortcode will help you to display it on the site by inserting it into a blog post list.

Blog Widgetthis tool lets users create a neat list of blog posts to be displayed on sidebar or footer.

Icon: You can add icons to your WordPress site using this shortcode. There are hundreds of icons to choose from in Brook. Besides, you also can add the content for those icons.

Box Icon: is a smart shortcode that allows you to create a box with an icon and add a description to it.

Flip Box: it lets you create a box that has a front side and a back side, which flips from one to the other when you hover over the box. Users can add up to four columns of boxes.

Button: Button shortcode allows you to create a highly customizable button, which contains the hyperlink to another page. You can change the button’s style, colors, size, and its description.

Button Group: This shortcode is for creating a collection of buttons that are related in some ways and for when you want to illustrate this relationship visually to the readers.

Countdown: This shortcode lets you create a clock counting down to a specific event such as an opening, a marriage ceremony, etc. Normally it counts down from the current time to a given date and time.  

Counter: If you need to place any counter of products, number of sale, categories and so on, Counter shortcode is here to help. A numerical counter will be added to your site for counting up or down and inset increment. You can easily control the speed and styling of the text as well.

Contact Form 7: Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular plugins in creating lead generating forms. It is a sharp weapon for you to keep in touch with and get information from customers.

Contact Form 7 box: This shortcode brings well-designed contact forms which have a vivid display with a box cover.

MailChimp Form: This shortcode assists users in creating a simple MailChimp subscription form in any place of their post.

MailChimp Form box: It makes a better display of MailChimp Form by providing a cover box.

MailChimp Form Popup: Easily display a Mailchimp Form using the popup.

Search box: This shortcode can be used to display a search box on a page or post as you wish.

Google Maps: This shortcode allows you to embed Google Maps in any WordPress post or page without having any impact on your site’s performance.

Gallery: The Gallery feature allows you to add one or more images to your posts and pages.

Heading: Heading is a powerful tool that goes beyond the theme’s defined headings. It is designed to be utilized in specific areas of your site.

Drop Cap: Use this to insert any letter of the alphabet in a drop cap style.

Text Box: For drawing users’ attention to a certain part of your page. TextBox shortcode offers options to adjust the style of a textbox on your post.

Blockquote: This element is used when you need to create a quote from another source as well as to give highlight to a block of text. It basically shows your text in a styled box that separates it from other words in a paragraph.

Message box: When you use this shortcode to display a highly impressive message, there are many styles for you to capture viewers’ attention for different purposes.

Single image: Besides adding a gallery or a group of images, sometimes you might just need to add a single image only. Then Single image shortcode is designed to solve your problem.

Table: Thanks to this shortcode, you can build your table, select a pre-built layout and display. You’ll be able to actively add a row or column to your table then insert your data.

Services list: Similar to List shortcode, Service list provides you with the ability to create a list with a better-featured image.

List: List shortcode allows you to easily create all kinds of ordered and unordered list for your site.

Grid Anything: An easy-to-use tool for arranging your post/page content. It allows you to put your content in columns of various widths.

Restaurant menu: This feature is for restaurant websites, which is useful for creating online menu easily. You can group those entries into menu types and choose to display your menu in a single list view.

Gradation: This shortcode allows you to present information as ordered blocks in a simple and stylish way.

Twitter: Embed your Twitter feeds to your WordPress site by using Twitter shortcode.

Instagram: This shortcode allows you to insert Instagram feeds into your post or page.

Circle Progress Chart: Add a circle progress chart to a post or page.

Bar Chart: Bar chart can be placed into a post or page using this shortcode.

Line Chart: Create line charts to add into a post or a page using this shortcode.

Pie Chart: Pie Chart assists users in inserting a pie chart to their post or page.

Attribute List: Attribute list is used to create a list of attributes based on the value.

Portfolio: You can use the shortcode to embed portfolio projects to your posts and pages. Your projects can be displayed in different ways depending on the settings of optional attributes in the portfolio layout.

Portfolio detail: Customize page layout by using WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) and drawing the value from portfolios.

Portfolio featured: this is a cool tool for generating an impressive display of the portfolios.

Info Boxes: Allows users to easily put a clean, responsive and beautiful info box  on their site. You can customize the maximum number of info boxes to show, the number of columns to use, which fields to display, how items should be ordered and so on.

Banner: this tool helps you to add a banner to your post or page with professional functions such as adding content and buttons.

Product: When mentioning a product in a post, page or homepage with the reference to its price, product name… this tool can replace the static text with a shortcode so the value are pulled dynamically from your Woocommerce store.

Product Categories: This shortcode allows you to display the group of products that fall into the same categories.

Product Search Form: Add a search product box to a page by using product search form shortcode.

Problem and solution: It’s for proposing a problem and potential solution in a clear and professional way.

Pricing group: Display the corresponding prices for different user groups. Specifically, you can offer special discounts for commercials, wholesales, premium members…

Pricing Box: Introduce all service packages in details for customers to consider.

Pricing Table: This shortcode generates beautiful pricing tables and comparison tables on your site.  

Pricing Rotate Box: This incredible shortcode brings about a great experience of a professional pricing rotate box. Your site will be entitled to leave a great impression.

Popup video: Popup video shortcut will add a responsive Youtube or Vimeo video lightbox popup to any page or post of your site.

Client logos: A great tool to display client, partners, sponsors, affiliate logos in carousel slider.

Slider: This shortcode embeds your dynamic sliders into a page or post with multiple slider types.

Slider Group: This shortcode allows you to group some other shortcodes such as box icon, group, team member then display them as a slider.

Slider Button: It helps you to add button in the available slider.

Slider Modern: Slider modern is an awesome shortcode which enables large slider to be included with smaller sliders inside.

Slider Gallery: You can use Slider Gallery to add as many sliders as you wish. You can also add more features by defining multiple attributes such as back and forth controls, selecting the transition, showing image title, adjusting the size of the display image, wrap the image with a link or exclude images.

Product Banner Slider: You can present your products by using the banner slider.

Group: This shortcode is useful to group number of different shortcodes in a row.

Team Member: This is for showcasing and introducing your staff/ customer services  on your website in the easy way.

Timeline: Timeline helps create a beautiful vertical history timeline. All users have to do is add a new post, set image and date then the shortcode will automatically arrange them in chronological order based on the time of year and date.

Social Networks: this shortcode is for displaying your social network profiles on your page.

SoundCloud: SoundCloud shortcode is a plugin that converts all SoundCloud shortcodes into embeddable Soundcloud players.

Testimonials: The testimonial is an integral part of a business site. This tool allows you to display the feedback of customer about your business in your site.

View Demo: View Demo shortcode is used to show the preview of a product in a post or page.

Widget Better Custom Menu: similar to Widget Custom Menu, this shortcode allows you to display a custom menu by navigating to admin dashboard then choose Appearance >> Menus.

Separator: Separator shortcode is useful in inserting different kinds of dividers between the page content.

Spacer: this tool have to to create a blank place in your page.

Widget Title: This smart shortcode creates a widget that work as a title for an element. This save users some time for customizing the footer.

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