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Instagram Feed Plugins

Last time, we have discussed in great detail about all the benefits of integrating Instagram into WordPress in web-building. Of all the mentioned methods, installing external plugins would be the most convenient and efficient way.

External plugins normally offer a wider range of options for displaying Instagram feeds than themes do. Plus, chances are you can find one that is compatible with your current theme without spending a penny. Moreover, there are a numerous number of plugins on WordPress repository for social media or Instagram in particular. Things now come down to choosing which. In order to save you some time, we will introduce the top 8 plugins for Instagram on WordPress with the short description of featured functions.

Instagram Feed Plugins
Instagram Feed Layout

Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon

  • Active installations: 600,000
  • Tested up to: 4.9.6
  • Ratings: 4.9/ 5.0

Easy to install, simple settings, mobile-friendly and highly customizable are the most outstanding features of this tool. Sounds fantastic enough for a free plugin, right? What’s more, users can display images from multiple Instagram accounts in a single feed or various feeds and show multiple feeds on a single page or throughout various page without having to obtain the token ID. All they need is to enter the account’s username then the plugin will do the rest for them.

Instagram Feed Plugins
Instagram Feed Plugin

In terms of customization, Instagram Feed lets you use shortcodes for adjusting the dimensions and many elements of the feeds to fit with the design of your website. This is such an advantage that others might not offer their users or just offer with some certain limitations. Your feeds will appear gracious with a header on top, a custom thumbnail, a Load more button, and a Follow button at the bottom. You can even choose how your images will be displayed: chronological or random order. For IT professionals, you can make more complicated adjustments by adding your own custom CSS and JavaScript.

Instagram Feed Plugins
Cross-browser Compatibility

All of the abovementioned have been more than enough for a completely functional Instagram plugin that you can use for free. In case you might need a video feed, a pop-up photo lightbox, hashtags-based or feed’s caption display, consider their Pro version to receive premium support.

Photo Gallery by 10web By Photo Gallery Team

  • Active installations: 300,000
  • Tested up to: 4.9.6
  • Ratings: 4.6/ 5.0

Instagram Feed Plugins

Another plugin for Instagram that comes with two versions: free and Premium ones. For the free license, users have fewer features. But if you don’t ask for too much with customizing Instagram feeds on your website, then this tool’s free license can satisfy your needs. Though accessible features of this are fewer in comparison to the previous tool on the list, there are other unique functions that make it a distinguished choice of quality you can look into.

Instagram Feed Plugins

While Instagram Feed only supports photo feeds, this plugin offers even more: both audio and video formats for feeds. Adding an audio track or a number of tracks to an image slideshow boost your feeds visually to a great extent. Although options available for free accounts are limited, you can still access and use some of them to work to your advantage.

Its developers claim that their plugin can help your site engage more interactions from visitors, improve search ranking in SERPs, enhance SEO optimization, and page navigation. The plugin also provides users with a customizable view of Instagram feeds on WordPress, which boost the visuals of your site.

Instagram Feed Plugins
Thumbnail View

Along with that, the limitless permission of photos, galleries, and album gives users a big comfort when using Photo Gallery. This freedom is one of the most appreciated feature by its users. Instagram Feed promise separate features for Premium users; on the contrary, Photo Gallery’s almost all features are open for everyone. It’s just that the depths of accessibility between free users and premium users are different. If we way Instagram Feed is built “vertically” then Photo Gallery is built “horizontally”.

WP Instagram Widget by Scott Evans

Instagram Feed Plugins
WP Instagram Widget
Sticky Feeds
  • Active installations: 200,000
  • Tested up to: 4.9.6
  • Ratings: 4.4/ 5.0
Instagram Feed Plugins
Cross-browser View

Simply simple and functional – even the description of this plugin is super brief. The most straightforward tool on WordPress repository for displaying images from an Instagram account without logging in. Setting up this widget is fast and easy as well. It can be said that this is truly a user-friendly tool where your imagination and control can take over. There’s a saying “simple is the best”. It fits well with this plugin, which brings about 200,000 downloaders – quite a good number of users.

Instagram Feed Plugins
Feed Compatibility

WD Instagram Feed by WebDorado

  • Active installations: 90,000
  • Tested up to: 4.9.6
  • Ratings: 4.8/ 5.0
  • Function: No API key needed.
WD Instagram Feed plugin
Instagram Feed Plugins
Feed layouts
Instagram Feed Plugins
Single Feed Design

Basically, this plugin has the same functions as the previous one because they are from the same developers. Photo Gallery Team was previously WebDorado. The name has been changed from WebDorado to 10web. This is also mentioned in 10web official site Similarly, WD Instagram Feed offers two versions: free and premium ones. However, WordPress Instagram Feed has fewer active users and features than those of Photo Gallery.

Feed Them Social by SlickRemix

  • Active installations: 60,000
  • Tested up to: 4.9.6
  • Ratings: 4.6/ 5.0

Instagram Feed Plugins

Feed Them Social is intended for a wide range of social platforms, not just specifically Instagram. So there’s an option for showing users’ Facebook page or photo albums on WordPress site. Interestingly, there is no limitation on the number of feeds to be used. Users can even generate shortcodes to meet their needs without having to be a technical professional. More feed personalization choices are given in the Premium version.

Instagram Feed Plugins
Grid Layouts on Different Screens

Feed Them Social covers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Thus, cross-platform visibility will enhance and visitor engagement will increase by a great extent. Take a look at the demo:

Instagram Feed Plugins

Instagram Slider Widget by jetonr

  • Active installations: 100,000
  • Tested up to: 4.9.6
  • Ratings: 4.6/ 5.0
Instagram Feed Plugins
Instagram Slider Widget
Instagram Feed Plugins
Instagram Slider

The number of images displayed by this plugin is always 12. Images can be put in a slider or a thumbnail and imported as attachments in the WordPress. You don’t have to find the API Key to use this. Everything has been made ready. Users can link photos from Instagram to their profile or URLs. Easy to use, functional and free of charge – all it needs to be a good choice for WordPress users with few requirements about image display.

Enjoy Instagram feed on website with WordPress Widget and Shortcode By F. Prestipino, F. Di Pane – Mediabeta Srl

  • Active installations: 10,000
  • Tested up to: 4.9.6
  • Ratings: 4.2/ 5.0

Instagram Feed Plugins

Instagram Feed Plugins

Users can publish photos or videos on their webpages, posts or page sidebar with shortcodes generated by this tool. Two layouts available for free license: Grid and Carousel with Lightbox effect. To further customize your feeds with advanced features, take a look at the Pro version before deciding to purchase an upgrade of license.

InstaShop by Zipline

  • Active installations: 300
  • Tested up to: 4.9.6
InstaShop Plugin

This is a bonus for any readers that have fallen for our new theme’s amazing features, which brought about a new way of shopping online. Yes, the shoppable images. InstaShop will assist you in building your online store with responsive shoppable image features. This tool is not only compatible with WordPress, but also with Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Even on a free plan, users would still have access to a variety of great features that they might not find in other plans.

Share your thoughts about these plugins with us in the comment section below. Which one is your favorite? How have it helped your business? Do you want to suggest any other effective plugins with us?

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Instagram’s Integration into WordPress

Instagram comes with a bunch of highly functional and favorable features that make it one of the most popular social networks among Internet users. If you own a WordPress site, especially for the purpose of product promotion, integrating Instagram into your WordPress theme to boost the sales is a great idea and an essential part of the self-promoting campaign for businesses. Indeed, combining the powers of WordPress and Instagram can take your audiences by storm like the merging of two tornadoes.

Furniture eCommerce Shop – WooCommerce by Amely theme

There are many ways to make WordPress and Instagram join forces. None of them is the best because your needs and technical level vary greatly. The ultimate objectives of Instagram integration are product & service promotion, sale boost, branding enhancement, and site raking improvement. Whatever you choose for your company, the level of these effects will be different according to the method adopted.

Instagram Follow Buttons & Follower Counters

The follow buttons and follower counters can be positioned at the beginning of a post or the left/right sidebar of a webpage. Sometimes, they appear at the footer area. Most premium WordPress themes now have this widget so that audiences can easily follow sites with their social accounts entered. This is a way of showcasing your popularity in media.

In case you might not have heard of this, all of our themes are built with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) plugin, which costs $45. Why do we need to mention this plugin? It is a powerful plugin for building enticing websites. Every theme from ThemeMove development team has social shortcodes and widgets that you can add in any places of your webpages.

Otherwise, websites that use the personal license of the WordPress or the sites might not have this tool. If they are lucky enough, they might find some free user-friendly themes with this function on WordPress. But these chances are few. For not having social buttons, you might miss the chance to reach out to potential clients. Connecting to your company’s accounts on other social platforms help build a strong client network and diversify your audiences. That is the reason why you should consider upgrading to the self-hosted domain and purchase a suitable premium theme.

Instagram’s Feed Display

When browsing articles, you might have come across plenty of posts with aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds integrated. You can see the outstanding effects these feeds brought about far excel that of normal images. This not only improves the interactions and interest of visitors to your articles but also brings more attention to your business on Instagram.

Lezada Theme - ThemeMove Products
Instagram Feeds on Homepages by Lezada theme

An Instagram feed can be placed in various places in a post or a page. The possible choices include the top, the bottom or the sidebar. Transitions of paragraphs in an article is also possible. What we use to display feeds in those places is called widgets. A widget is a pre-made tool that allows users to create different kinds of elements.

In some themes, these widgets are called by a generic name: social or media. Themes that are especially designed for eCommerce shops, boutiques, blogs, and stores by ThemeMove team always have an Instagram widget for flexibly displaying enticing feeds.

Lezada Theme - ThemeMove Products
Footer Instagram Feeds on Lezada

Instagram Shop:Shoppable Images

A brand-new kind of shopping experience for your customers. In the traditional online shop, visitors often have to click on each product to see the details or options. And a similar arrangement of a single product page is a big-size photo on one side and the info on the other side. However, if they have interests in numerous products at the same time, they’ll have to choose either to go back after seeing each of them, or right-click to open several tabs at the same time so that they can switch back and forth easily.

With shoppable images, everything is much easier and appears more captivating to visitors. Users will have to upload only one picture that shows a bundle of products together and acts as a suggestion for matching them. These are perfectly useful and efficient for any fashion brands to showcase their new collections or classy fashion sets.

For the customers, they don’t have to worry about moving back and forth. With one click on the marks shown on each products, everything will beautifully show up, so that they can’t miss out any wonderful combo. Furthermore, the product info can be imported directly from the images on your Instagram, so you don’t have to repeat the process. How convenient it is. This is considered a new wave of eCommerce: the visual commerce. Let’s check this awesome feature out:

Lezada Theme - ThemeMove Products
Instagram Shops by Amely Theme
Lezada Theme - ThemeMove Products
Shoppable Image – Lezada Theme

Instagram ID & token ID

In order to build a webpage into an Instagram shop, you’ll need to have an Instagram account, of course. Along with your account ID, you’ll need to find your account token ID. Token ID can be found by the online tool. Start a search with your account ID then get the token ID. Or you can ask professionals for helping with token ID. When the Instagram widget functions as an element for a specific page, you can go to the setting of that element to enter these ID numbers or configure the general settings at the admin dashboard.

You won’t have to worry about this if you’ve purchased our theme. Our products have everything ready at your service. All you have to do is just enter your company’s username on Instagram then all the feeds will load automatically. As easy as a piece of cake. Here are two of our hot sale products recently, which have awe-inspiring Instagram shops and other brilliant pre-made homepages for products. Check out the demos for more info:

Amely – Classy eCommerce for WooCommerce Theme

Amely Theme - ThemeMove Products
Amely Theme’s Demo Front Page

Lezada – Minimal and Creative WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Lezada Theme - ThemeMove Products
Lezada Theme’s Demo Front Page

Use plugins to integrate Instagram

Coming last in the list is an integrating method that uses external plugins. Self-hosted websites that are on the business license can install external plugins, so it’s convenient for these sites to integrate a suitable & compatible tool for connecting to Instagram and show the feeds on the sites. There are plenty of features for you to use when installing plugins for Instagram integration.

The problem is which one to use? We’re planning on a concise article that gives the review of all top-rated Instagram plugins on WordPress repository. So if you don’t have time to search and browse a variety of tools just to find the right one, then we can save you some time and effort with our blog. Stay tuned for more.


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Link Manipulation Part 2 – Black Hat SEO Series

In the first part of series about link manipulation, we have learned about three different link schemes. There are more to investigate into, but time is limit, so we leave this to you, our dear readers. And we’ll continue with other types of manipulative links such as link scam, links spamming, and paid links.

Scam Links

Links, whose major function is to trick visitors into entering their websites thus raising site traffic, are scam links. They are harmful in search engine’s definition because destination sites rarely have any relevance to the keyword, sometimes they even contain scam content.

Click Bait & Switch

Every one of us must be very familiar with the click bait. It might probably the most common black hat SEO that SEO-ers still take advantage of nowadays. It’s almost the unstoppable as well. Click baits are actually diverse in form, so are the definition for them. Typically, there are three types. The first one includes the online advertisements that link to malicious sites. Another type is the free download click baits. And the third one is contained of the redirected hyperlinks.

Whichever form it has adopted, a click bait basically isn’t providing what we want to receive or find. It’s a trap set to trick poor users to click on. Some click baits are for increasing site traffic by leading visitors to a certain website. Some are intent on conning people into downloading harmful software. And the majority of them are set to steal private information from Internet users. Several click baits have a trustworthy feeling but can do great damage to visitors. Others look suspicious, although they do redirect us to unwanted sites, in fact, they do no serious harm except for some little inconvenience for being led to intermediary sites before reaching the destination.

Manipulative Links - Click Bait & Switch
Manipulative Links – Click Bait & Switch

Click baits are so popular that we hardly pass a day when we meet no click bait online when we browse. And we can surely claim that no one on Earth who has access to the Internet hadn’t clicked on a click bait during his lifetime. Even some official prestigious websites of big newspapers or giant companies used click baits on their sites several times. It’s not really a big deal if the purpose is just to evoke the curiosity of audiences so that they will click on the link to find out more. As a result, although Google has put a great amount of effort in preventing this, the situation has little improvement.

Spamming Link

Spam Link Comments

One of the most used black hat SEO ways is to spam links of optimized webs to increase the traffic and link referral. However, this is unwelcome in every way by spammed sites or site owners. If you have a link that you find useful for readers, but don’t know how to share it properly, never choose link spamming. Banning might be the penalty for you on the basis of being a suspicious spammer for posting unrelated links on other websites. And there is very little chance that visitors will click on your link to read more. Even when you do share it on relevant sites, chances are you would still get a penalty or warning from site owners.

Why do site owners hate link spammers? Because these people derive readers & potential clients from their site. It’s ethically inappropriate to advertise about how your site excels other at a specific service or area; even if it’s true, it’s just not really good to do that without asking for permission from the owners. If you were in the site owner’s shoes, you don’t want that either. Moreover, spam comments with links are often filtered and added to queueing line of comment before getting published. It’s a no-win situation. In fact, it does nothing good to enhance your site ranking, and meanwhile doing damage to your site’s reputation.

Guest Post Spam

Operate in the same way as link spamming, guest post spam is another black hat tactic that not only makes you waste your time but also gets your site on the blacklist. Post spammers often need to register an account in other sites to create a post that advertises their own sites in a subtle or obvious way. To ensure the publishing of their guest posts, spammers need to create something harmless and non-advertising to the host site.

Manipulative Links - Guest Post Spam
Manipulative Links – Guest Post Spam

This takes quite a while as you cannot copy the content from other places and you need to carefully place your links in the content. Even when your post is something of quality, there are high chances that you’ll get the refusal. A majority of web owners do not allow guest post because most of those posts are spams. They just don’t want bullshits on their site. Asking for permission to publish a post as a guest on external sites is a hard nut to crack. That is because host site owners have a tendency to disregard the contribution one can make to their sites.

Spam Footer Links

Putting links in the footer section of a site is not really a scam or close to that, but it’ll downgrade your site ranking rather than enhancing that. This is due to the increase of unnatural links that footer linking brings to your site. Search engines consider this a black hat SEO technique as the rise in the traffic is not from organic visitors and does not reflect your site’s relevance to the keyword.

Footer widget offers you a chance to present your company and showcase your business so it’s advantageous to make use of that. If carefully designed, the footer part can boost the professionalism of your site to a great extent. Our team at always pay close attention to this so that sites built on our theme can be optimized to the max with positive page ranking and natural traffic. You can confer with our customer services to have further information about our products. Maybe you’ll find a better choice for your site. We always work to improve our theme on a regular basis.

Paid Links

When utilizing black hat SEO, to perform tactics successfully, it involves time, effort, or money. Basically, most of the above techniques can be done with some time and effort. Now we discuss the manipulation performed by investing money.

Link Selling & Buying

When a company or firm gives money to other sites to use backlinks to this company’s site, it’s a link selling. Sometimes one side pays for another side to write good reviews about their company, it’s a review buying. Google says their spam team has developed smart algorithms to detect link buying and selling. Matt Cutts gave a demonstration of link selling on an interview. He said the algorithm based on the relevance between sites and the value of the exchange to determine whether it was linked selling or natural mutual referrals.

Manipulative Links - Link Buying
Manipulative Links – Link Buying

Link buying is essentially the same as link selling, whose ultimate purpose is to level up the site ranking in search engine results page. This is how it works: site 1 pay for site 2 to write a review about site 1 or to put a link that refers to site 1 in its own site. In that way, site 1 will be considered relevant to a specific keyword. The higher the number of sites referring to site 1, the higher its rank is and the higher the position on the search results page. Hence, many site owners are willing to pay money for higher page ranking through link buying.

Paid Advertorials

A lot of websites now accept payment for placing advertorials of another. Advertorial is a wiser way of advertising for a company’s website or products. When a company pays a sum of money to other sites to place advertorials on their site but the advertorials are irrelevant to that paid site’s theme content, it’s black hat. And Google has ways to identify both paid links and advertorial pages. So if you want to introduce other sites with an advertorial but don’t want this to look like a transaction, turn all the hyperlinks in that ad into no-follow links. No one will pay for you to put no-follow links on their ads because it won’t help increase the referred site’s ranking.

Directory Listing

Directory listing is a list of suggested sites for a particular criterion. When a company or business pay for a place at a directory which has no relevance or low-quality according to Google’s guidelines, then it will go through the same assessment and receive the same treatment as paid links. It’s best to do some research before you decide to include your company name in a directory by spending some money. The directory should be of value and prestige. Use money wisely as once this technique is found, your site will be punished severely, thus you spend money but it things only get worse.

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Black Hat SEO: Manipulate Links Part 1

As a wrap-up of the black hat series, in this article, we discuss the manipulation of links in site optimization. Keywords, content, and links are the three most important factors for a website to rank higher in SERPs (search engine results page). Black hat SEO practitioners have many ways of taking advantages of links from a site and trick search engines. This post is written for the purpose of showing our readers link-building way that is considered inappropriate.

Collective Links

In order to raise the organic traffics for a website, it’s common to create as many backlinks as possible. In case you haven’t heard about backlinks, refer to our article on controlling links at Briefly, the term backlink refers to a link that is on external sites and leads visitors back to your site. We can call it a bring-readers-back link. Creating collective links or a collection of links that refer back to your web can be very effective in raising the search rankings. That’s why web rings and link farms are formed.

Web Rings

In our recent time, web rings are not as popular as it was back in the 1990s. At that time, finding information was in fact not so easy like nowadays. Web rings’ creation was for the purpose of listing related sites on a specific theme. It brought convenience and information for the readers. Just visit one of those sites then visitors can easily get access to other similar sites by clicking on the corresponding box at the end of a page.

Link Manipulation: Web Ring
Link Manipulation: Web Ring

This kind of scheme was good for audiences, but then there were changes occurring that foretold the ending of webrings. To participate in a webring, users must have a Yahoo account. And the first person to log in was made the owner of that web ring, no matter what contribution he or she brought to it. This fact left many original owners shocked and frustrated because of being taken ownership of their own web ring. Then web rings were often abused for advertising and directing readers to a paid destination – an unfair situation for both users and web ring participants.

That is the reason why along with the improvement and advancement of search engines, web rings have become ineffective, even an unwelcome SEO technique. If you have a list of related sites about the similar theme or field as yours, try to avoid creating a closed ring in referring to them. Because a web ring is a closed circle of interrelated websites appearing in a certain order, readers won’t exit to outside sites unless they do it. If you want your site to appear useful in other related sites, ask for cooperation and SEO-friendly referrals would help.

Link Exchange

Similar to web rings, a link exchange is a center for a number of websites to exchange banner advertisement. Being an exchange member means that it have to display others’ ads on its site, and in turn will be promoted on websites of others. The exchange rate is 2:1. This means every second time the banner of another member is shown on a site, that site’s banner will be displayed on the other once. The exchange rate of a site is also its credit ratio.

Link Manipulation: Link  Exchange
Link Manipulation: Link Exchange

This kind of SEO tactic has both advantage and disadvantage. Apparently, a link exchange enables site owners to approach targeted audiences and enhances the interactions among interrelated sites. However, it might make it difficult for readers to focus on any specific site because the suggestions for other sites make them easily distracted. Google considers it a black hat SEO technique as exchange membership does not assure the relevance of that site. If you have the intention of joining a link exchange, please consider the consequences carefully.

Link Farm

The term link farm refers to another kind of link collection that points to a certain destination. While a web ring is a collection of distinctive sites possibly with the real and helpful content of a particular theme, a link farm is a bunch of sites that contain a lot of hyperlinks to an assigned address. Linked websites have no relation to each other, they link to one another to increase the site ranking. It’s a quick and low-cost method of developing portfolios for a website. Hence, a link farm is more likely a modern search engine spam technique.

Link Manipulation: Link  Farm
Link Manipulation: Link Farm

The link farm is obviously a black hat SEO technique because its contents are from automated programs. Normally, these contents do not have any correspondence to the web’s theme or linked sites, so they are irrelevant. Initially, a link farm serves the purpose of tricking the page rank voting of Google’s searching algorithm. As a link farm solely focuses on improving site ranking through the voting mechanism, optimized sites are often marked as spam or blacklisted once search engine found out, and link farm has also become the target of search engine updates.

If your SEO specialist tells you they are going to use the link farm for your site, never accept that. It’s a very risky action. As we have mentioned in our last article, the price for using black hat SEO is very costly, let alone such a blatant tactic like the link farm. Instead, search for sites that work in the same field or have some relation to your site’s theme then ask for cooperation. Upon reaching the agreement, both sides can refer to each other as related sites with useful information.

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Black Hat Series: SEO Over-done Sites

In our last article about black hat SEO, we have given a warning that our readers should not embark on this illegal SEO method because of its severe consequences. This one is the continuation of the black hat series, with the focus put on over-optimized sites. The main purpose is to help our dear audiences identify which kinds of SEO tactics are considered the black hat ones; thus have some knowledge about how to avoid or convert them into efficient and legitimate ones for your website. 

Stuffing Keyword

In the introduction of black hat SEO, stuffing keywords into page content is one of the most common tactics that black hat practitioners use to attract more people come to their site. If you would like to read more details about popular black hat techniques, refer to it here. We won’t repeat our words about what it is and how it affects your site’s ranking when keywords outnumber the content of your page.

What to draw here is that repeating keywords throughout your page content is a way to increase the relevance of the website, but the density should be of an appropriate level to not produce negative reading experience. There’s no universal ideal rate for keyword density, and different SEO tools have different criteria. In our opinion, this rate should be about 2-5%. Here’s how to calculate the density rate:

Density = (Nt / (Nr – (Nr (N­w – 1)))) x 100

  • Total words counted – Nt
  • Times keywords repeated – Nr
  • Number of words in the keyword phrase – N
Keyword Stuffing in SEO
Keyword Stuffing in SEO


If the density rate is too high, search engines might consider the text useless and irrelevant to the keyword. Therefore, neither too few nor too many of anything is good, instead, that just makes your site over-optimized.

Overtly Optimized the Alt Description

If you have read our blog about Yoast SEO plugin, you’ll probably remember the reason why the alternative description of an image is considered in SEO. When audiences’ browser is unable to load the picture or have some troubles concerning display images, alternative description will be shown on screen so that readers can get a gist of what that part is about.

Alt description should always contain keywords, at least one. In fact, alt description is often short so we recommend that just one keyword is enough for SEO. Too many condensed keywords in the alt description would create a counter-effect on your site. Alt description for illustrative images in a blog stuffed with keywords might make Google reconsider your site’s relevance as well. So no abusing is allowed under any circumstances.

Internal Commercial Anchor Texts

Anchor text is a word or word phrase that is hyperlinked to a specific webpage and often opened in a new tab of the browser. Anchor text is highlighted by a different color from normal texts (normally blue color) in underlined format. When we use the mouse to hover over the anchor text, its color changes so that readers know they can click in to see the referred information.

Search engines like Google assess the anchor text to grasp the main content of hyperlinked web pages. SEO professionals advise that it should be beneficial for including the keyword in the anchor text because it helps search engines determine the relevance of the page in search ranking. However, just as in the alt description, the keyword repetition should be about 1 or times only. Overly optimized anchor texts might reduce the site’s relevance in the search results page.

Over-optimized Links

Over-optimized Links in SEO
Over-optimized Links in SEO

On many sites, links are utilized to the maximum. However, whether or not this is good for your site needs some consideration. Concerning web links, they can mainly be separated into internal and external links. Internal links are the most useful for web SEO because they reinforce the relationship between internal pages and highlight the site structure. External links are not really helpful because they lead your visitors to other sites and might fade their interest in your site.

Another kind of links we mentioned before in our SEO guide is no-follow links. This kind of link plays a role in site optimization as it allows you to refer to other sites or pages, but doesn’t make your audience stray away from yours. In case you really need to quote a link, use a no-follow link instead of an external hyperlink. If the links you are posting are affiliated links, then hyperlinks are necessary. Making use of internal and no-follow link will increase your site’s relevance to a search keyword, and thus improve your site’s ranking.

Nevertheless, it is recommendable to use links in moderation. If you try to force your audiences to go through unwanted pages of your site, by posting too many internal links to certain pages, rather than let them have the freedom to choose their destination, this might be harmful to your site ranking. Search engine will assess over-optimized site stuffed with internal links as low usefulness. The lesson is, whatever you use, use it moderately.

HTML Heading

Control Headings in SEO
Control Headings in SEO

In site optimization process, heading is of the great importance. However, it is also like a double-bladed knife. Too many headings presented will create a feeling of “stiffness”. Just use headings when necessary. According to Yoast SEO team, a maximum number of 300 words are appropriate for a heading. And the number of words following a heading or subheading shouldn’t exceed that limit. This helps your site look professional and well-organized.

We recommend that with a blog of about 1000 words, it’s better to split into three H2 headings, no more than 100-word for each paragraph that follows each heading, and end with a conclusion or summary of about 100 words. You can use an H3 heading for each of your H2 sub-paragraphs, but only one H1 heading for the whole post should be enough. Use keyword at least once for H1 heading, one of your H2 heading and first paragraph of your post. Utilizing too many H1 headings and keywords in your H2 headings might create an unreal feeling of auto-generated content.

In short, enough should be enough for your site, neither too much nor too few. In some cases, it might be way difficult to determine how much is enough with the keywords, anchor texts, and links. There’s one way for you to estimate your work: put yourself in readers’ shoes and ask yourself what you would and would not like to see from a site like yours.


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Black Hat Series: Spam Content

As promised, we talk about some ubiquitous black hat SEO techniques in the previous article. While white hat and grey hat techniques are not as diverse as black hat ones, we’ll create a series of articles on the latter in order to provide deeper insight into this infamous buddy. Our intention is to help you guys learn some tips to know when search engines consider your content spam, thus getting some suggestions on creating useful and creative content for better optimization. Hope you find it helpful.

Definition of Spam by Google

Let’s start with the definition. The term “spam” originated from the name of a canned food. Originally, it means “to be seen everywhere”. Nowadays, we use it to refer to things that we have no wish to encounter, but still, somehow they come to us whether we accept or not. Different kinds of search engines will have a different set of criteria for identifying spams. We’ll begin with that of the biggest search engine in the marketplace: Google.

Google defines spams with the following four attributes:

Malevolent or unsafe content:

Sites that are built for the purpose of stealing private information, such as ID card number, bank account, user password, home address, etc. from users and visitors are considered dangerous for Internet users. The founders behind these kinds of sites are often black hat specialists or scammers. Google has to find ways to effectively prevent these sites from approaching Internet users through search results page.

Black Hat SEO: Content Spam

So if you don’t want your site to be marked as spam, try to avoid asking for that private information or requesting passwords of whatsoever through online forms. Asking for that information might arouse readers’ suspicion about your purpose and legality. In case there’s no other way than asking for bank account details, for example, you should find a safe tool or reliable method to collect that information. Asking prestigious banks or financial institutes to act as intermediaries is a good way to assure users.

Misleading information:

Google is always working laboriously to develop tools that detect misleading or false information posted online so that users will be protected from possible scam and falsity. Before posting anything on your site, remember to double check it to ensure the content is genuine and trustworthy. There are many ways that black hat SEO-ers might take advantage of to draw traffic to their site and illegally collect users’ info.

One of these is to fake the identity of famous people in order to call for actions from their fan. Some sites borrow celebrity’s name to call for a charity or good cause, while in fact, they’re making money for themselves. Another trick is to copy the design of famous websites to deceive visitors. To avoid being classified as misleading sites, you should make sure that the design of your site is unique and original. We have developed a lot of professional themes for WordPress websites at Feel free to pay a visit to our website and have a look at our proud works.

Cunning Redirects:

Some websites make money by inserting affiliate links into their page content and blogs to advertise for their sponsors. If the density of the links and prestige of the affiliated sites are fine, then there’s nothing to worry about. However, some links might be scams or contain inappropriate contents for your audiences. It’s recommended that you carefully check to understand clearly who you are working with and what you bring to your readers. If Google finds any irrelevant or reported links on your site, your site ranking will suffer.

Definition by Bing

Basically, the basis for Bing to prevent spamming activity is similar to Google’s. Bing starts by investigating and determining the spammers’ motivation if it is money or user info. To do that they will use tool to run the test of site content, layout and ads. If anything suspicious found, they’ll take action to get rid of it. Malicious sites often don’t invest time and effort to create genuine content, therefore, if the content is found copied from others or meaningless, the site will likely be considered spam site.

Some spam sites use negative methods to make money from site traffic and users’ innocence. A number of other sites spread the viruses or malware through websites to steal the bank account info or freeze computers for blackmailing. A lot of spam sites are detected by their abnormal monetizing activities with duplicated money-making pages or illegally promoted page rankings. Bing often bases on black hat practitioners’ strategies to choose appropriate measures.

Bing announces that if they find malicious sites, depending on the black hat SEO techniques used violated sites will receive rankings demotion, index removal, or SEO effect neutralization as penalties. This is avoidable. If you don’t want to be blacklisted, avoid copying contents or use content-generating tools for your site, just accept real & meaningful content only. After all, only genuine content can increase site ranking in a proper way and bring about loyal fans.

Email Spam & Web Spam

Spams are normally delivered through two different channels: via email and web spamming. What’s the difference between these two? It’s not difficult to find an email spam in our inbox nowadays. Every one of us received them once in our lives despite our wish. Obviously, email spam is an unwanted mail sent to users, often called junk mail because it offers nothing of value to receivers.

Email Spam
Email Spam

Email spams are frequently for advertising or scamming money. They are sent to your inbox with an annoying frequency. In fact, there’s no way to stop receiving them once spam-bots or spammers found your email address your. Users can only move them to spam box by labeling them as “spam” to stop receiving email notifications. Only by curbing these junk emails can search engines prevent them from causing harm or annoyance for users.

Now, what should you do to avoid making your promotional newsletters appear as spams to users? First, consider the appropriate frequency of delivery. Choose the timing wisely so that your newsletters won’t interfere with subscribers’ work. Second, prepare good content and creative presentation. If your customers decide that your newsletters are helpful and enjoyable to them, there are fewer possibilities they will drop out of subscription list.

Another black hat SEO techniques that practitioners find advantageous to their schemes is web spam. Technically, web spam has all the features listed above by Google and other search engines. Spam sites are the main targets of search engines, so if you don’t want to become the focal point, prioritize white hat SEO over the black hat ones. When grey hat SEO is in play, try not to be an overt rule breaker.


Understanding what spams are by search engines’ definition, you’ll know what to do with your site’s design and content to effectively present to visitors and customers.

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Insights into Black Hat SEO

Before digging deeper into black hat SEO, make sure you know the 3 different types of SEO techniques. In many online SEO forums and communities, the legitimation and effectiveness of black hat SEO are among hot-burning topics. So today, we are going to discuss the common tactics of this SEO type and answer the question: “Should we use black hat SEO techniques?”

Common black hat tactics

Black hat tactics are probably the most diverse among different kinds of SEO techniques. Black hat SEO-ers are always working on ways to break the rules and make use of search engines’ loopholes for their profits. In turn, greatest search engines, Google as the major representative, are constantly building up new walls to prevent black hat SEO practitioners. This is like a never-ending war. Black hat specialists use a wide variety of methods for their own purpose, but with some effort, we can found some common patterns as follows:

Hidden texts and links

As black is often associated with mysteriousness and darkness, black hat SEO often comes with a hidden attribute: hidden texts and links. The main purpose of creating hidden texts and links is to increase the density of on-site keywords so that optimized site will be considered to have a higher relevance than it has in fact. This is mainly for tricking search engines, hence black hat SEO-ers need to hide those texts and links from audiences.

Black Hat Common Tactics
Black Hat Common Tactics – Hidden “Surprises”

There are many ways that black hat practitioners can utilize to physically hide a text or link from audiences of the site. One of them is to set the font size down to zero. Another way is to use the same color for both the text and the background (frequently white color). To ensure readers won’t see it nevertheless, SEO-ers might adapt the CSS to put texts out of the on-screen area. In some cases, these SEO specialists might play tricks on the smallest details like an in-paragraph hyphen or special symbol.

Crafty redirects

Redirecting site, by nature, is a good way to help readers quickly find further information for what they want to investigate. However, most of the time, black hat SEO practitioners will use redirects to lead audiences to their assigned pages with unrelated contents. This is to increase the traffic for the redirected destination sites in a forceful way. Occasionally, visitors might be redirected to a number of pages or sites, not just a single one, which makes it impossible for them to go back to the previous screen.

Because Googlebot only assesses the main site but spare the redirected ones so it’s difficult to detect and prevent illegitimate redirects. That’s why there are times we were redirected to an irrelevant site whose contents differ from what was shown on the search results page of Google. The redirects could also differ according to the browsing devices. Some mobile users might be redirected to crafty sites while desktop users still have normal reading experience.

Keyword stuffing

The keyword is one of the most critical elements to optimize a website, thus it is one of the most misused elements. What we mean by ‘stuffing’ here is that SEO specialists use keywords in an inappropriate way. One way of keyword stuffing is to repeat keyword too many times throughout the page content whilst that repetition makes no sense at all. Some people call this tactic content spam as its mere goal is to level up the site relevance to search keyword with the high density of keywords stuffed inside.

Black Hat Common Tactics
Black Hat Common Tactics – Keyword Stuffing

Another way of keyword stuffing is the over-use of keywords with no relations to the site content in order to create the relevance to search results. Knowing that search engines like Google base their site ranking on the relevance of a site to the keyword entered, black hat SEO-ers have made full use of this by inserting so many common keywords into a page with no useful content just to increase the traffic. It’s one of the most common tactics for black hat practitioners due to the fact that it is very easy to do.

Doorway pages

Google defines doorway pages as sites that were built for certain searches. When a user enters a keyword into the search box, there are thousands of results found with some highly-ranked site on top, but not all of them are useful. You might have encountered a situation when you clicked on different sites on search results page but all of them brought you to one same destination. These sites acted as doorway pages to the assigned one. They’re basically doors open to visitors for leading them into the same room.

Doorway pages are often intended for a particular region or community of users. They can be disguised with different domain names and site address. Not that the destination of these doorway pages is totally useless, but most of the time it is not really what we want. In some cases, these results might prevent us from approaching the better page results. Some black hat SEO-ers even purposefully trick visitors to some scam or virus-infected pages for illegal money.

Weighing the Pros & Cons

These tactics may not be applied in the same way for every website, but the method of operation has been basically similar. Whatever and however technique is used, black hat SEO has always been labeled as illegal by search engines. Many site owners or SEO practitioners still resort to those techniques because they want to the immediate benefits, which might be fast level-up, quick money, or larger traffic.

Black Hat Common Tactics
Black Hat SEO – Should or Should not?

However, we really need to sit back and weigh the pros and cons of this SEO method. Although black hat SEO might be able to create desired effects in a short period of time, the price to pay for that is not really worth it. If you utilize black hat SEO on your official site, when Google find out what is going on your site, the index of your web will be removed from the ranking system. Even if you do black hat SEO on a burner site or page, you’ll have to repeatedly create a new one every time search engines discover your trick and block your burner site.

Worse is the case when Google decides to remove your site completely from SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for critically violating its guidelines. Then all the effort you’ve made through black hat SEO has been wasted. Once blacklisted, there’s nothing you can do to recover your site’s position in the indexing system. Sometimes, your IP might even be blocked by Google for suspicious actions. This kind of penalty can comparatively be considered a death sentence for site owners or black hat SEO specialists.


So, to sum up, what we have discussed in this article, black hat SEO might look tempting at first sight, in fact, it should be avoided because what you’ll have to pay for it is just not worth the effort. We recommend our readers to try white hat SEO for long-lasting and positive results. In case you still can’t get over the temptation of black hat SEO, why don’t you try to convert the black hat SEO’s concepts into white hat techniques for legitimate use? Who knows, difficulty ignites creativity.


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Unveiling 3 Types of SEO Techniques

Okay, we have heard possibly a million times about search engine optimization (SEO for short), and assumingly, all of you, the readers of our blogs, are very familiar with SEO. But do you really know how your current SEO techniques will be categorized by big search engines like Google? This is often least concerned by a majority of SEO professionals and practitioners because they care too much about how to boost their sites. We recommend that before getting your hands wet, read this article carefully to know which path you should choose to follow.

A Hat is just an SEO Tactic

When it comes to SEO, it’s possible that you might come across one or all of these terms: black hat, white hat, and grey hat SEO. Now, why are there those hats to be mentioned here? What does a hat have to do with SEO? A hat is just a metaphor for a tactic you use to level up your site ranking. Every time you use a technique, you are wearing a hat on your head.

And why black, white and grey? Do these colors remind you of something? The goods, the bads, and the in-betweens, right? No. In SEO, there’s no morally good or bad. There’re only rule-followers and rule-breakers. Black hat SEO, of course, refers to a technique that is considered inappropriate by search engines. White hat SEO is the opposite of black hat and grey hat SEO is, to a certain extent, a combination of the other two.

White Hat Techniques

As the white color implies purity, white hat SEO practitioners are the rule-followers. They abide by all the rules and regulations set by search engines in boosting their site. White hat SEO-ers use techniques that are considered compatible with the guidelines of Google and many other search service providers to increase their site’s position in searching. Their actions are considered purer than other kinds of SEO practitioners. That’s why they wear a white hat – pure of purpose, easy to understand and honest in behaviors. It can be easily associated with the images of heroics or angelic figures.


Because white hat SEO-ers are willingly conformed to search engines’ rules, they are favorable and rewardable in these engines’ assessment for site ranking. Google values integrity, therefore as long as these sites are sticking with their rules, their position in search pages will somehow be prioritized over others that have had recorded violations before. Having a good reputation is always a good thing. The results brought about by white hat SEO are always long-lasting and rewarding in the long run.

Sites that use white hat techniques will be exempt from search engine’s restriction. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are constantly looking for ways to confine the influence of inappropriate SEO tactics that are profitable to SEO-ers and their sites, but at the same time are potentially unhealthy for users. When search engines release updates of their policies and rules, little is white-hat sites affected by new conditions because they always follow the lead.

White Hat SEO Techniques
White Hat SEO Techniques


No matter how appealing and ideal these white-hat sites are, choosing to act accordingly to the rules is still very difficult to keep up with along the way. In such an ever-growing marketplace with harsh competition, it is really hard to keep their own integrity when the profits shrink due to the black hat & grey hat SEO techniques their opponents are using. It can be said that we rarely find any pure white hat SEO-er nowadays.

What’s more, when the rules get stricter, those rules might become kind of obstacles for enhancing site’s online visibility. When black hat and grey hat SEO-ers discover new and unconventional ways of breaking rules of search engines, Google and other peers will have to set new rules to prevent their actions. This might accidentally affect white hat SEO-ers’ benefits. And sooner or later, under the constraints of the situation, these SEO practitioners will have to change their hat.

Black Hat Techniques

To go black hat is to use wicked methods to help your site achieve a higher ranking on the search page. This is often done by breaking one or a certain number of rules set by major search engines like Google and Bing. Black means dark, so their tactics in SEO can only be done by finding loopholes in search engines’ rules for site ranking and making use of that.

Going black hat isn’t bad morally. It’s just bad when you use techniques that actually do more harm than help to your customers’ websites and leave site owners unnoticed about that. Whether black or white hat, the ultimate purpose of these tactics are to increase the ranking – a good result. So black hat SEO is bad only when optimized websites are given penalties or even have index removed by search engines as a consequence of careless optimization.


It’s easier to break the rules because there’s no limitation or no boss telling you what to do and what not. You do what you consider effective and helpful for site optimization. When crossing the line, SEO-ers can enhance sites in a more efficient way in comparison to white hat methods. Because of the efficiency, many site owners and SEO professionals choose this to enhance their brand presence and product selling.

Contrary to the common sense that only small and simple sites would resort to the black hat for better SEO results, black hat SEO is in fact mostly applied to massive content and well-designed websites. It is due to the fact black hat SEO effectively brings about better index and quality. Most black hat techniques are conducted through funding money, for example, buying links or likes. When used tactfully, black hat SEO works really well according to practitioners’ wishes.

Black Hat SEO Techniques
Black Hat SEO Techniques


The very crucial disadvantage of this method is high-risk possibilities. Sites using black hat SEO might be black-listed as untrusted or spam site. If the SEO practitioners do not have the skills or capabilities to use suitable techniques, then optimized sites might even be closed or banned. In that case, then what’s the use of optimizing the page? That is the reason why black hat SEO is advised to be practiced on burner websites instead of main sites to avoid risks.

To stay “black hat”, practitioners always have to cover themselves and the site, use hidden strategies and be prepared to face penalties, just in case search engines find out what they’re using. Keeping up with search engines’ newly released regulations is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of efforts and time to work on solutions towards breaking the rules for a WordPress site. It’s like an endless war between two sides. If you decide to use black hat or your SEO professional choose this method, do it with extra care.

Grey Hat Techniques

Considered a blend of black hat and white hat SEO, grey hat techniques are the most common to be found nowadays. They mainly conform to search engines’ rules but still have some rule-breaking tricks to get desired SEO results. This one is quite useful and safe in comparison to the other two. It’s neither completely white or black nor entirely legal or illegal. It is somewhere in-between.

While there are still many controversies over the legitimacy of grey hat SEO techniques, it is certain that grey hat tactics must be utilized by no amateurs, just professionals only. It’s similar to black hat SEO to a certain extent so practitioners must be extra careful to not get caught by search engines. The resemblance it bears to white hat SEO makes it acceptable to Google with some strategies. Nevertheless, some of the grey hat techniques might be applicable today but not tomorrow when search engines apply new rules against illegitimate site optimization.


Grey hat tactic is better than the white hat in the way that it creates faster and greater SEO effects. Because white hat tactics are mainly based on natural links, it’s hard to be spread far and wide among the community. Bending a part of the rules with grey hat make it easier and quicker to reach the goal than following it all the way around.

Grey hat encounters fewer risks than the black hat because it’s not totally illegitimate, so the possibility of getting penalties from search engines is lower than black hat, though that doesn’t mean it won’t be caught for life. This leads to another good point about the grey hat is that it offer broader flexibility for practitioners to optimize a website.

Grey Hat SEO Techniques
Grey Hat SEO Techniques


Grey hat SEO lies somewhere between black hat and white hat, so it’s possible that practitioners might fluctuate or slip too far into black or white. This makes it hard at times to identify practitioners as white hat or black hat. So the identification is not fixed.

The effects that grey hat techniques bring about might not last, as it has some black part in itself, which is the target of search engines’ attacks. Like black hat SEO, grey hat SEO-ers must always update and make changes to their strategies to ensure its effectiveness.


In short, if we use only two words to describe each of the above SEO methods: white hat SEO is legitimate and long-lasting, black hat SEO is illegitimate and short-lived, finally grey hat SEO is flexible and ever-changing. If you’re eager on learning more about SEO strategies and tactics, follow us on ThemeMove official site. 

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New Remarks about Boosting Your WordPress Site

We have learned a lot about how to promote a page or a developing WordPress site. However, not all of the introduced strategies are valid and effective all the time. That is because the competition in the marketplace is getting harsher and harsher every single day, which forces marketers to make some adjustments in their marketing plans to catch up with the changes. The inherent meaning of SEO today is different from yesterday and will be different from tomorrow, who knows. That’s why we need to refresh our view of how to advertise a site in the most effective way frequently.

SEO & Search Ranking

New Definition

SEO is no longer a new terminology to us now. But the understanding of its nature and how to get the most out of it is changing all the time. As biggest search engines in the market always change their criteria for SEO and site ranking in the search page, we need to be informed of this in order to know how to make the right moves prior to your opponents.

In comparison to the definition of SEO when it was first coined, it can be seen that there has never been any clarity about what SEO is. So it’s highly flexible and transformable with the passage of time when people find new ways to increase the efficiency of website promoting process. In the recent time, when it comes to SEO, it mainly concerns web presence enhancement activities. Initially, SEO is to advertise a company and its products but doesn’t make it look like advertisements. It’s somewhat similar to subtle ads, which are more acceptable and comfortable to audiences’ senses.

Organic Rankings

Nowadays, SEO is more about optimizing web to increase its visibility than promoting the products and the brand itself. It is now the combination of social media marketing and content marketing. The efficiency of SEO depends more on the ranking of the company’s official website on search engines, especially on Google, and on the usefulness of the content, it provides that makes visitors, as well as customers, appreciate and put more confidence on the company’s products.

SEO Tips for WordPress site
SEO Tips for WordPress site

Most websites are built with the ultimate goal of being SEO-friendly, therefore they need three main components: an SEO optimized theme, good contents, and great social sharing rates. All of these lead to a shared result: higher organic ranking on search ranking. What exactly does it mean here by saying “organic”? On the contrary to pay-per-click search results, organic search is based on the relevance of the search items to the keywords used on websites listed in the result page. That’s why more marketers are aiming for higher organic rankings than the former expensive and less efficient SEO method.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Sharing

Luckily, we have a good number of social networks created for us to increase the visibility on the Internet and showcase what we’ve got to the masses. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email, Google+, and so on, all of these are great potentials for presenting company’s products. In order to increase the presence of company brands on these platforms, sharing is the key to success. If it is possible to create viral marketing content, the results would be far more than one can imagine. In this case, content is really the king.

One thing remarkable about social media marketing is that it easier to spread the information and message to the community. Social media base their success on the connection they make among people in the society. Social circles of different levels from family members, friends and acquaintances play a very important role in spreading things over the Internet. If you can create something meaningful enough to make people share with others, search engines will also base on that to assess your ranking.

Social Advantages

Social media brings about a lot of advantages that other types of marketing might not be able to do. Diversifying social channels provides better chances for marketing as they are different communities of users come from mixed social groups diverged in age, career, living place, religions, ideology, and education level. The wide range of audiences and potential clients definitely will result in better visibility and greater customer engagement.

Another advantage of using social media as a medium of marketing for your site is that there are many useful tools to help businesses and companies do that at a low cost. What’s more, most of these tools are easily found at hand. Go to WordPress repository and search using the appropriate keywords for the platform you are seeking traffic from. After the installation, you can share your web’s posts with just one click. In order to help you learn more about these tools, we’ll write an article about social marketing tools later. Check back on our website for it.

New thinkings on SEO for WordPress site
New thinkings on SEO for WordPress site

Direct Site Advertising

Just as its name implies, direct advertising is about making direct communication with customers and potential customers through a variety of channels such as email, mail, message, and newsletters to present what they’ve got to offer. The information is sent directly to the receivers, the purpose of advertising is straightforward and the presentation of the products is delivered right through to the clients. It’s all about being straight.

Indirect marketing’s purpose is to advertise in a subtle way so that audiences won’t feel like advertisers are just trying to sell their products. Unlike indirect advertising, direct advertising puts the main focus on the products and brand names. Indirect advertising means pretending you’re not advertising something while the fact is the opposite. Direct marketing doesn’t need that. Your audiences know you’re trying to persuade them to buy, so once they’re persuaded, they’ll surely make the purchase. Customers won’t have to wonder where to buy products from an official distributor.

Direct marketing mainly relies on the paid advertisement to create effects on consumers. This is often done by a local media in order to increase the influence and enhance the local visibility. The biggest advantage of this type of marketing is that consumers can communicate directly with the distributors/ producers for further information that is official and accurate. Sellers could also collect customers’ opinions without the engagement of intermediaries and improve their products to meet the demands.

Backlink and referral traffic

We have so many talks about the linking tactics in WordPress to increase the traffic to a site. Backlink might sound a bit strange at first, but when you proceed to dig deeper into its nature, you’ll find that it’s actually what you have known. Normally, when we click on a hyperlink, it leads us to another site. But in this case, a backlink is a link that brings visitors to your site. So the destination site is the difference.

Backlinks do not just bring more attention to your site, they also bring about more referral traffic – which helps to increase your site ranking. Search engines like Google always work to redefine ranking of a site for better & more accurate searches. Improved organic traffic rate will make Google and other search engines believe that your site has more relevant information to keywords in search, hence assigning higher credibility to it. The higher the rank, the higher your site’s position is on the search page.

In short, when we know how to upgrade the SEO strategies in an appropriate way, we won’t have to worry about being in the lower hand in the competition with our competitors in the market.

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