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Instagram’s Integration into WordPress

Instagram comes with a bunch of highly functional and favorable features that make it one of the most popular social networks among Internet users. If you own a WordPress site, especially for the purpose of product promotion, integrating Instagram into your WordPress theme to boost the sales is a great idea and an essential part of the self-promoting campaign for businesses. Indeed, combining the powers of WordPress and Instagram can take your audiences by storm like the merging of two tornadoes.

Furniture eCommerce Shop – WooCommerce by Amely theme

There are many ways to make WordPress and Instagram join forces. None of them is the best because your needs and technical level vary greatly. The ultimate objectives of Instagram integration are product & service promotion, sale boost, branding enhancement, and site raking improvement. Whatever you choose for your company, the level of these effects will be different according to the method adopted.

Instagram Follow Buttons & Follower Counters

The follow buttons and follower counters can be positioned at the beginning of a post or the left/right sidebar of a webpage. Sometimes, they appear at the footer area. Most premium WordPress themes now have this widget so that audiences can easily follow sites with their social accounts entered. This is a way of showcasing your popularity in media.

In case you might not have heard of this, all of our themes are built with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) plugin, which costs $45. Why do we need to mention this plugin? It is a powerful plugin for building enticing websites. Every theme from ThemeMove development team has social shortcodes and widgets that you can add in any places of your webpages.

Otherwise, websites that use the personal license of the WordPress or the sites might not have this tool. If they are lucky enough, they might find some free user-friendly themes with this function on WordPress. But these chances are few. For not having social buttons, you might miss the chance to reach out to potential clients. Connecting to your company’s accounts on other social platforms help build a strong client network and diversify your audiences. That is the reason why you should consider upgrading to the self-hosted domain and purchase a suitable premium theme.

Instagram’s Feed Display

When browsing articles, you might have come across plenty of posts with aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds integrated. You can see the outstanding effects these feeds brought about far excel that of normal images. This not only improves the interactions and interest of visitors to your articles but also brings more attention to your business on Instagram.

Lezada Theme - ThemeMove Products
Instagram Feeds on Homepages by Lezada theme

An Instagram feed can be placed in various places in a post or a page. The possible choices include the top, the bottom or the sidebar. Transitions of paragraphs in an article is also possible. What we use to display feeds in those places is called widgets. A widget is a pre-made tool that allows users to create different kinds of elements.

In some themes, these widgets are called by a generic name: social or media. Themes that are especially designed for eCommerce shops, boutiques, blogs, and stores by ThemeMove team always have an Instagram widget for flexibly displaying enticing feeds.

Lezada Theme - ThemeMove Products
Footer Instagram Feeds on Lezada

Instagram Shop:Shoppable Images

A brand-new kind of shopping experience for your customers. In the traditional online shop, visitors often have to click on each product to see the details or options. And a similar arrangement of a single product page is a big-size photo on one side and the info on the other side. However, if they have interests in numerous products at the same time, they’ll have to choose either to go back after seeing each of them, or right-click to open several tabs at the same time so that they can switch back and forth easily.

With shoppable images, everything is much easier and appears more captivating to visitors. Users will have to upload only one picture that shows a bundle of products together and acts as a suggestion for matching them. These are perfectly useful and efficient for any fashion brands to showcase their new collections or classy fashion sets.

For the customers, they don’t have to worry about moving back and forth. With one click on the marks shown on each products, everything will beautifully show up, so that they can’t miss out any wonderful combo. Furthermore, the product info can be imported directly from the images on your Instagram, so you don’t have to repeat the process. How convenient it is. This is considered a new wave of eCommerce: the visual commerce. Let’s check this awesome feature out:

Lezada Theme - ThemeMove Products
Instagram Shops by Amely Theme
Lezada Theme - ThemeMove Products
Shoppable Image – Lezada Theme

Instagram ID & token ID

In order to build a webpage into an Instagram shop, you’ll need to have an Instagram account, of course. Along with your account ID, you’ll need to find your account token ID. Token ID can be found by the online tool. Start a search with your account ID then get the token ID. Or you can ask professionals for helping with token ID. When the Instagram widget functions as an element for a specific page, you can go to the setting of that element to enter these ID numbers or configure the general settings at the admin dashboard.

You won’t have to worry about this if you’ve purchased our theme. Our products have everything ready at your service. All you have to do is just enter your company’s username on Instagram then all the feeds will load automatically. As easy as a piece of cake. Here are two of our hot sale products recently, which have awe-inspiring Instagram shops and other brilliant pre-made homepages for products. Check out the demos for more info:

Amely – Classy eCommerce for WooCommerce Theme

Amely Theme - ThemeMove Products
Amely Theme’s Demo Front Page

Lezada – Minimal and Creative WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Lezada Theme - ThemeMove Products
Lezada Theme’s Demo Front Page

Use plugins to integrate Instagram

Coming last in the list is an integrating method that uses external plugins. Self-hosted websites that are on the business license can install external plugins, so it’s convenient for these sites to integrate a suitable & compatible tool for connecting to Instagram and show the feeds on the sites. There are plenty of features for you to use when installing plugins for Instagram integration.

The problem is which one to use? We’re planning on a concise article that gives the review of all top-rated Instagram plugins on WordPress repository. So if you don’t have time to search and browse a variety of tools just to find the right one, then we can save you some time and effort with our blog. Stay tuned for more.


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