ThemeMove Privacy Policy

We understand that it’s our obligation and responsibility to respect and protect your privacy. We put forward our best efforts to make sure your private information is properly collected, secured and utilized, so that we could be able to enhance and deliver better services.

Term Explanations

“ThemeMove”, “ThemeMove team”, “our team”, “we”, and “us” refer to ThemeMove as an author on ThemeForest, whose services concern developing and releasing many WordPress themes and plugins on Envato Market. “Customers”, “clients” and “users” refer to people who purchased our products to use on their own websites or their customers’. “You” & “your” might either refers to the visitors of this site or the customers of our website. When not explicitly indicated, these terms refer to site visitors, individual users, and agency companies. This policy applies only to the site operated by the ThemeMove team.

Information Collection and Use

We make commitments to only collect your Personal Information with your consent and to use it properly for improving the site navigation experience and enhance service quality. By choosing to proceed to visit our site, you have agreed to our privacy policy and given us the right to use your personal information in a proper way.

In specific situation, we might ask you to provide us with some personally identifiable information so that we could use it to confirm your identity or to make contact with you. The data might include, but not limited to, your computer’s browser, browsing address, name, age, email and address. If a customer purchases our products, we would need to collect their billing address, phone number, and credit card information. Under no circumstances would we disclose or misuse of any piece of those information without users’ consent.

Data Storage

We store your data using advanced technological and password protected systems to ensure that your personal information is kept safe and secure online. We keep our security system updated and checked regularly to make sure everything runs smoothly. To be sure that only authorized access is allowed, we use sophisticated authentication systems and login methods to prevent illegal access attempts.

Site Cookies

Our site uses cookies to store the needed information during the time visitors spent on navigating our website. The data collected would be used for the purpose of tracking the traffic to our site, conduct Google Analytics, and other site performance analyses. We always display a cookies notice for visitors to acknowledge and give consent for how their information will be collected and used. The data collection of this site is strictly compliant with GDPR policy.

Visitors can become our subscribers by providing their contact information so that our newsletters, promotions and news can be safely delivered to them. There is always an option to unsubscribe or opt out at any time without any bothering about the reason.

Third Party Data Collection

In case our products/ services use a third party tool/ extension, then users’ personal information might be collected and used by these third parties. The collection, storage and use of these data must conform to these third parties’ privacy policy. We shall not be responsible for any act committed by third parties concerning your personally identifiable information.

Policy Changes

As we update the security system, we also revise our privacy policy on a regular basis and make necessary changes. There would be notifications on the changes and a reminder to take a look at the highlights of our updated policy posted on ThemeMove website and sent to subscribers’ inbox.

Contact Us

If you still have questions concerning our policy, products or anything about us, feel free to contact us for more details via email, social networks or help forum. We’re open to all kinds of suggestions and recommendations, too.

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