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best free slogan makers

In the competitive landscape of branding, a compelling slogan can be the secret sauce that sets your brand apart. It’s not just a string of words, it’s the heartbeat of your identity. Normally, crafting an effective slogan costs lots of time, resources, and effort. However, there is a lot of easy ways to craft a perfect slogan in this digital era. Today, we’ll explore how to make a slogan effectively and totally free with the top 5 free slogan makers. 

Why Does Your Brand Need A Slogan?


In today’s fast-paced world when customers’ attention span is cut down to 8 seconds at best, it is easy for different companies and their messages to be quickly forgotten. That’s where the power of a well-crafted slogan comes in. 

A catchy and succinct slogan is one of the most memorable aspects of a brand. It sticks to people’s minds far more effectively than any other form of advertising.

Simply hearing or seeing a slogan is enough to bring the entire brand instantly to mind. This high level of memorability helps boost brand awareness and affinity over time.


With the increasing fierce competition in eCommerce, simply being “good” is not enough to attract attention and win over customers. A well-crafted slogan allows you to cut through the noise by explicitly stating what makes your offerings superior or more desirable than similar alternatives.

Rather than vague messaging, an impactful slogan focuses laser-sharp on the single strongest differentiator – whether that be an unbeatable value proposition, a heightened level of quality, or a compelling benefit only your brand delivers. A good slogan helps you grab the attention of potential customers by addressing exactly what they want, need, or care about. In fact, brands with unique slogans gain 48% market share over competitors in the long term.

Brand Identity

An effective slogan becomes deeply intertwined with the personality, values, and messaging that make a brand unique. With 50% of people looking to a slogan to understand a company, a truly great slogan plays a major role in shaping how customers perceive your company’s core identity over time.

Each time a slogan is encountered, whether in an ad, on social media, or in a store, it serves to remind audiences of what your brand represents and the emotional experience it provides. This helps create a strong sense of brand familiarity, loyalty, and trust amongst returning customers and prospects alike.

What Makes A Good Slogan

A Good Slogan Sends A Message

A successful slogan should convey a clear and compelling message that resonates with the target audience. It needs to encapsulate the brand’s values, mission, or unique selling proposition in a few words. The message should be memorable and leave a lasting impression, prompting consumers to associate it with the brand effortlessly.

❌ a good slogan: showing only features of products and services.

✅ a bad slogan: sending a message that sticks with business characteristics.

Consider Nike‘s iconic slogan “Just Do It.” This simple yet powerful message shows a spirit of determination, motivation, and action. It conveys a sense of empowerment that has become synonymous with the brand.

Image source: Nike

A Good Slogan Is Succint

A good slogan should be concise, easy to read, and easy to remember. In a world inundated with information, attention spans are becoming shorter, making it crucial for a slogan to capture the audience’s interest swiftly. A brief and impactful message ensures that the audience grasps the essence of the brand in a matter of seconds.

❌ a good slogan: using complex words and lengthy sentences.

✅ a bad slogan: using simple words and short sentences.

Let’s take a look at McDonald’s slogan, “I’m Lovin’ It”. It has 4 simple words with straightforward language that encapsulate the essence of enjoying a meal at McDonald’s. Moreover, its natural rhythm makes it memorable and sticks in the customer’s mind.

Image source: McDonald’s

A Good Slogan Is Unique

Uniqueness sets a slogan apart from the competition. A distinctive and original message helps a brand stand out in the crowd, making it more memorable for consumers. It should avoid clichés and generic phrases, focusing on highlighting the brand’s individuality.

❌ a good slogan: being similar to existing slogans in the market.

✅ a bad slogan: being distinctive and creative that sticks with the brand’s individuality.

Consider Apple‘s “Think Different”. If Apple uses a slogan like “Best Computing Company” or “Here we sell computers and phones” which are generic and don’t highlight any brand’s characteristics, these slogans will soon be forgotten.

However, by using these two words, Apple not only conveys a message of innovation but also positions Apple as a brand that dares to be unconventional.

Image source: Apple

How to Make A Slogan for Your Brand (100% Free)

1. Shopify Free Slogan Maker

Shopify’s Free Slogan Maker is a user-friendly and completely free tool designed to assist businesses of any size in creating catchy and impactful slogans.

To use Shopify slogan maker, you just need to enter some keywords about your brand, such as your industry, values, and unique selling points. Then, hit “Generate slogans”, and wait a few seconds for hundreds of slogans to be shown to you, ready to use!


  • Quick and User-Friendly: The Interface of Shopify slogan generator is clean and simple. Its algorithm for generating slogans works rapidly. Therefore, anyone can generate slogans in a matter of seconds.
  • Tailored Suggestions: You can browse Shopify slogan maker by industry, which makes your generated slogans fit your business more.


  • Limited Customization Options: Once you generate, the Shopify slogan generator may have limitations in terms of fine-tuning the generated slogans to align precisely with your vision.

Want to try Shopify slogan maker and other Shopify tools for free?

If you are starting your online business and wondering how to make a slogan for it, Shopify is the perfect platform to start. 

Click the image below, sign up for Shopify for free, and utilize Shopify tools and powerful bundles to kickstart your online business!

By signing up for Shopify for free, you will get a bundle of powerful tools and offers including:

  • Use the Shopify slogan generator and 21 more Shopify free tools
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2. Oberlo Free Slogan Maker

Oberlo, a popular eCommerce platform, offers a free slogan maker tool to help businesses create compelling taglines that resonate with their audience.

This free slogan maker is even easier to use in comparison with Shopify slogan maker. All you need to do is enter a keyword and hundreds of slogans will be generated and separated by pages for a smooth browsing experience.


  • Rapid Speed: A thousand slogans will be generated instantly right after you hit the “Generate slogans” button.


  • Lack of Specific: Since you can’t choose any options to customize your slogan maker, the generated slogans are generic, which are easy to use but hard to differentiate.

3. Canva Free Slogan Maker

Canva, known for its versatile design tools, extends its offerings to include a free slogan maker. Designed with AI features, Canva aims to empower businesses to craft impactful taglines that resonate with their audience.

It’s a bit complicated to use Canva free slogan maker. You must sign up for Canva and create a Canva Docs. After that, you must use the feature named “Magic Write”, enter your prompt about desired slogans, and hit “Generate” to receive your slogan ideas after a few seconds.


  • AI free slogan generator: Powered by AI, Canva free slogan maker will craft for you slogans that are of high-quality and differentiated.


  • Limited Usage: You have 50 free credits to generate anything (including slogans) with Magic Write. If you want to use more, you have to upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Limited Results: Each time you generate, you only receive up to 10 slogans, which may not be enough for you to choose your best-fit one.

4. Zyro Free Slogan Maker

Zyro, an innovative website builder and eCommerce platform, presents a free slogan maker as part of its suite of branding tools. Aimed at simplifying the slogan creation process, Zyro’s free slogan maker is designed to help businesses articulate their branding.

Using Zyro free logo maker is simple. You need to enter one or two keywords about your business and hit “Generate Your Slogan”. Then slogans will be available for you to copy and use.


  • Diverse Style: When compared with competitors, slogans generated by Zyro free slogan maker are diverse in terms of meaning, structure, grammar, and rhythm. 


  • Limited Quantity: You will receive about 30 slogans each time you try. To get more, you have to start over the slogan generation process, which is time-consuming.

5. Sloganizer Free Slogan Maker

Sloganizer, as the name suggests, is a dedicated free slogan maker designed to streamline the slogan creation process. It provides a straightforward approach for businesses looking to generate catchy and impactful taglines.

To use Sloganizer, you need to enter a keyword and hit the button “Sloganize!”. A slogan will be generated and shown above with a big size.


  • More Creativity: On average, slogans generated by Sloganizer are more creative with the use of idioms and slang.


  • Only 1 Slogan A Time: Each time you hit the “Sloganize!” button, you will get back with only 1 slogan. So if you want to browse lots of slogans at a time, Sloganizer may not be a good match for you.

Generate Your Slogan Today!

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, a memorable slogan can be a game-changer. The right slogan has the potential to become the heartbeat of your brand and boost your business further.

So, explore the Shopify slogan generator for free and other tools to kickstart your journey. Each tool offers a different approach, user-friendly interfaces, industry-specific suggestions, and a creative generation process.

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